Seaweed Seasoning Recipes

Wild Irish Seaweeds Recipe Book

We have taken our favourite recipes and put them all in one place , Our seaweed recipe book is the perfect way to start introducing seaweed into your diet . […]

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Wild Irish Sea Veg Dillisk Dulse Crisps Recipe Organic Irish Seaweed

Simple Seaweed Crisps

Here is a basic recipe that is healthy quick & easy , WARNING : seaweed crisps are addictive ! 1- Choose from Wild Irish Seaweed Dillisk,Kombu or Sugar Kelp  . […]

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Sweet & Sour Land & Sea Spaghetti

Ingredients: -40g Wild Irish Sea Veg – Sea Spaghetti -80g Dried Spaghetti For Sauce: -1/4 cup sugar, brown sugar or honey -1/2 cup water -1 teaspoon chopped roasted red bell […]

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Carrageen for Coughs & Colds

You Will Need: -7g Wild Irish Sea Veg Carrageen -500ml Water -Juice & rind of 1 lemon -3 cloves -Honey to taste How to: -Rinse Carrageen under cool water, remove any […]

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