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Dulse or Dillisk is the most popular seaweed produced.

Dillisk can be eaten straight from the bag, used as a salt replacement or used when cooking.

The salty manganese taste is what everyone recognizes right away! The natural sodium gives the salty taste but it actually contains very little salt.

Dulse shaker

Dulse has an endless list of health benefits such as:

  • Rich in Vitamins & Minerals -B6, B12, Iron, Calcium, Fibre & Protein
  • Rebuilds & Maintains glands as its high in iodine aiding a healthy thyroid function
  • Cleanses the body of heavy metals
  • Increases metabolism & aids weight loss
  • Heals & enhances liver & digestive system

If your looking to use more dillisk in your diet take a look at our recipe section on our website.

dillisk recipes ideas

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