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seaweed and weightloss

Seaweed and Weight loss

Ever wonder are Seaweed and weight loss related?

Seaweed has been used as an ancient cough & cold remedy, in the garden, animal feed, in the kitchen and now for weight loss!

Jamie Oliver lost 2 stone by discovering Nutritious and delicious foods like Seaweed. He added Seaweed to his daily diet along side cutting white carbs and processed foods.

Take a look:

Seaweed has been found to contain an enzymes that inhibit the absorption of fats by the body.

Aligantes found in Kelp block fats being digested in the gut. These fats can’t be absorbed so therefore stopping the over absorption of fats.

Our Kombu Kelp and Sugar Kelp are packed with vitamins and minerals!

Sugar kelp seaweed containing alginates which aids weight loss
Sugar Kelp Sprinkle Jar

Fucoxanthin found in brown algae such as Wakame, contributes to weight loss by increasing the bodies metabolism. Fucoxanthin is 100% natural and plant based . It targets the most stubborn fats such as belly fat. Speeding up your metabolism will make the body burn off that stored fat faster.

There is Fucoxanthin Supplements found on the market but be careful as they are not all genuine. Eating Fucoxanthin straight from the source but also gaining the minerals and vitamins from Seaweed is helpful.

Wakame seaweed containing fucoxanthin which helps with weight loss
Fucoxanthin is found in Brown Algae like Wakame, Bladderwrack, Kelp

Top Tips

If you are new to seaweed and want to start using it here are our top tips:

  • Try out our Seaweed Seasoning range to introduce these new flavors into your diet gradually
  • Experiment with finding what dishes work for you when adding your seaweed
  • Take a look at our Recipe section for more ideas, Recipes
  • Seaweed usually takes on the taste of the food you prepare it with so dot be afraid to add it!
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